Dehumidifying and breathable mortar
The best against salt cristalization


Right after MURSEC ECO is installed, and without having to wait for the wall to dry out, the damaged masonry can be replastered with DRAINING dehumidifying mortar, which greatly speeds the drying process and prevents the salt crystallization effects.

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Paint in just 15 days

The mortar can be applied right after MURSEC ECO is installed, and can be painted in just 15 days with a breathable paint.



The mortar has an extensive network of micropores that speeds up the evaporation of the moisture. We do not hide the humidity, we dry the way.


Anti salt

Its internal structure is designed to contain the hygroscopic salts. This prevents from typically efflorescence caused by saltpeter.


Affordable to deliver

DRAINING POWDER is delivered in 200gr bags. Ideal to minimize transport costs. You will just need to mix it with sand and cement.

Our experience supports us

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We offer you a complete solution

Our Partners can asses you with the whole drying process offering a complete service and guarantee.

DRAINING mortar has been specialy designed to replace the existing plaster already damaged by humidity and salts. Its exceptional breathability is certified by APPLUS.

DRAINING can be applied on stone, brick or concrete once the existing plaster has been completely removed.

DRAINING mortar is available in different formats:

  • DRAINING POWDER (200gr bag): Ideal for minimizing transportation costs and reducing costs.
  • DRAINING BLANCO (25Kg bag): Fast setting, ideal for painting in just 2 weeks.
  • DRAINING CAL (25kg bag): NHL3.5 lime based. Ideal for heritage buildings.
  • DRAINING EXTRAFINO (15Kg bag): 2mm extrafine troweled finish

DRAINING POWDER is the best option for the majority of our Partners since we can easily deliver you the concentrated powder at a very affordable price. You just need to mix each DRAINING POWDER 200gr bag with 25Kg of sand and 6,25Kg of cement. The mix will allow you to plasted 2 square meters with all the breathability strenght of DRAINING.

DRAINING mortar is the ideal complement to the MURSEC ECO electro-osmotic system. We recommend replacing the existing hydrated coating with DRAINING from the beginning. You must take into account despite the humidity of the wall has decreased, it will also be necessary to replace the hydrated plaster that has not already been replaced with DRAINING. The accumulated hygroscopic salts maintain humidity and even absorb ambient humidity.

Right after MURSEC ECO is installed, and without having to wait for the wall to dry out, the damaged masonry can be replastered with DRAINING dehumidifying mortar.

The DRAINING mortar allows the wall to dry out and prevents the damages caused by the salt crystallization. Thanks to the DRAINING mortar, the wall can be painted in 15 days with a breathable paint.

In our video channel you will find some practical tutorials that will explain step by step how to replace the damaged plaster.

Why is DRAINING a key part of the solution?

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