Ramon Mestre

I am CEO at Humicontrol
and my life has always been linked
to the world of dampness

Searching in my trunk of memories

“I found this drawing I made many years ago.

Here I am, in front of a wall damaged by rising damp and a hygrometer in my hand.
“Humidity! Yes? Hurray!”

I am Ramon Mestre, CEO at Humicontrol, and as you can already guess my life has always been linked to this peculiar specialty within the field of building restoration.

This drawing was made when I was 8 years old, so I have had plenty of time to learn everything about the rising damp world.”

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“Humidologist” by vocation

Some people have enjoyed Egypt’s pyramids since they were kids becoming Egyptologists.

Some people are passionate about birdwatching since childhood becoming famous ornithologists.

And yes, I was a little boy when I got in contact with humidity and I have become an “humedologist”.

At Humicontrol we have focused all our energies to develop technological solutions in order to ensure that our customers do not have to sufferagain from dampness in ground floors and basements.

The new MURSEC ECO multi-frequency wireless electro-osmotic device with SmartPolar® is the third technological revolution in rising damp treatment after the well-known MURSEC active-electro-osmosis system, and the TRABER pasive-electro-osmosis-phoresis technique, improving performance and reducing cost.

Humicontrol is growing in Europe, Latin America and worldwide.

If there is one thing I have learned in all this time, it is that rising damp is a complex problem.

And here I am, willing to share with you all my knowledge and experience in this field, and ultimately help you solve the rising damp problems.

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