The wireless polarity inverter
against rising damp
Without works

New device

The solution against rising damp. The new MURSEC ECO multi-frequency device with SmartPolar® technology emits very low frequency pulses that have an effect on water molecules within the wall and changes its pole orientation. It inverts the polarity preventing the rise of humidity from the ground.

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Without works

The electronic device is very quick and easy to install, without works.
It is permanently installed to dry out the walls affected by rising damp and to keep them protected.


Fast drying

Our SmartPolar® multi-frequency system customizes the signal in order to optimize the drying of each building material, no matter how heterogeneous and thick the wall is. It is the most efficient and fastest drying system.


Maximum guarantee

The MURSEC ECO device has a 30-year warranty thanks to its high quality. Our Partners will asses you to permanently solve the rising damp problems.


Affordable price

We have installed thousands of devices since 40 years ago. This allows us to offer a very competitive price together with an outstandinge quality and reliability.

How does MURSEC ECO work?
The permanent solution against rising damp

SmartPolar® multi-frequency technology

Many ground floors and basements in old building are damaged by rising damp at the lower part of the wall.

MURSEC ECO is unique thanks to SmartPolar® embedded technology runs a specific algorithm which allows the signal to be customized through a mobile device in order to optimize the drying of each of the building materials (brick, stone, concrete…)

No matter how heterogeneous and thick the wall is.

SmartPolar® incorporates all the know-how we have aquired for more than 40 years thanks to our wireless electro-osmotic and electro-physical systems.

The same technology that we use to dry out historical buildings, is also available at an affordable price to solve rising damp in private homes.

Our experience supports us

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The most effective solution against rising damp

MURSEC ECO multifrequency system emits very low frequency pulses that have an effect on water molecules within the wall and changes its pole orientation, preventing the rise of humidity.

Right after MURSEC ECO is installed, and without having to wait for the wall to dry out, the damaged masonry can be replastered with DRAINING dehumidifying mortar.

The DRAINING mortar allows the wall to dry out and prevents the damages caused by the salt crystallization. Thanks to the DRAINING mortar, the wall can be painted in 15 days with a breathable paint.

Comparison of the 4 methods
to eliminate rising damp

MURSEC ECO multifrequency polarity inverter
Single frequency electro-physical
Geo-magnetic without power supply
HUMICREAM resin injection


Dryness level

Drying speed

Efficiency in basements

No works

Device Warranty
30 years
Between 15 and 30 years
7 years
Reinjection guarantee

Annual consumption
0,5W (±8€)
0,7W (±10€)

Let us help you solve rising damp

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