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The permanent solution
against rising damp

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The solution against rising damp. The new MURSEC ECO multi-frequency device with SmartPolar® technology emits very low frequency pulses that have an effect on water molecules within the wall and changes its pole orientation. It inverts the polarity preventing the rise of humidity from the ground.

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Rising damp occurs in ground floors and basements.

Moisture rises through the masonry, and the saltpetre degrades the plaster and the paint on the lower part of the wall.

We offer you the most effective solution against rising damp thanks to MURSEC ECO wireless system and DRAINING microporous mortar.


the permanent solution against rising damp

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What is rising damp about?

Many ground floors and basements in old building are damaged by rising damp at the lower part of the wall.

The plaster crumbles, the paint flakes off, and salt appears. People’s health suffers and the house loses value.

Rising Damp is caused by moisture rising from the ground. Damp rises up through the tiny pores and capillaries of the wall, the humidity evaporates and the dissolved salts crystallize, degrading the plaster and the paint.

The accumulation of salts in the wall causes the wall to behave like a battery. The water molecules are oriented with the negative pole upwards and act like a magnet, causing the humidity to rise.

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The most effective solution against rising damp

MURSEC ECO multifrequency system emits very low frequency pulses that have an effect on water molecules within the wall and changes its pole orientation, preventing the rise of humidity.

MURSEC ECO is unique. It’s SmartPolar® embedded technology runs a specific algorithm which allows the signal to be customized through a mobile device in order to optimize the drying of each of the building materials (brick, stone, concrete…), no matter how heterogeneous and thick the wall is.

Right after MURSEC ECO is installed, and without having to wait for the wall to dry out, the damaged masonry can be replastered with DRAINING dehumidifying mortar.

The DRAINING mortar allows the wall to dry out and prevents the damages caused by the salt crystallization. Thanks to the DRAINING mortar, the wall can be painted in 15 days with a breathable paint.


The same technology with SmartPolar® that we use to dry out historical buildings, is also available at an affordable price to solve rising damp in private homes.

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