“If there is one thing I have learned in all this time, it is that rising damp is a complex problem”
– Ramon Mestre

Rising Damp

1) What type of dampness exist?

There are many types of dampness affecting our buildings, but we can mainly classify them as follows:

  • Rising damp (humidity coming from the ground and affecting ground floors and basements, degrading the plaster and paint in the lower part of the wall).
  • Condensation damp (ambient humidity causes mold to appear and windows to drip. It can affect any home, not only ground floors and basements. It is often linked to the lack of air renewal and poor thermal insulation).
  • Penetration damp (Water table entering in the basements through the walls)
  • Water leaks (poorly waterproofed roofs, downspouts, showers, …)
2) What systems are available to solve rising damp?

Among the various existing techniques, the most common are:

  • Polarity reversal system (with power supply): This is a wireless electronic device that inverts the polarity of the wall by means of frequency emission.
  • Geo-magnetic system (without power supply): Seeks to counteract the effect that the earth’s magnetic field has on the wall. The results are poor.
  • Injection system: This involves drilling the base of the wall and injecting resins that seal the pores and capillaries to prevent moisture from rising within the wall.
3) What happens if we need to solve rising damp in a basement?
  • The only useful system to solve rising damp in a basement is the polarity reversal system. The MURSEC ECO system helps to reduce humidity but it doesn’t solve penetration water.
4) Which MURSEC ECO device do I need to solve rising damp in my house?
  • Humicontrol has the widest range of devices to treat buildings from 30m2 to 3.000m2.
  • Each MURSEC ECO device has an operating radius of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 22 or 30 meters.
  • It is necessary to place the MURSEC ECO device in a central point of the building in order to solve rising damp problems in all the affected masonry.
5) What guarantees do I have that the problem will be solved?
  • In Humicontrol we have been treating humidities with polarity inversion systems for more than 40 years with maximum guarantees.
  • Humicontrol offers a 30-year warranty on the MURSEC ECO device.
  • Humicontrol SL guarantees for 30 years the MURSEC ECO physical device and is responsible for its repair or replacement by an equal or even better one if it suffers any failure. The warranty does not cover potential plaster damages nor any other concept.
  • The quality and safety of all electronic components and assembly are of the highest quality.
6) How is the MURSEC ECO device installed?
  • The MURSEC ECO device is very easy to install. Simply screw three wall plugs with their corresponding brackets into the wall and hang the device. Then just plug it in.
  • The MURSEC ECO device must be installed in a central point of the area to be treated, making sure that the radius of coverage covers the entire surface.
  • Despite the ease of installation, Humicontrol recommends you to contact a company specialized in rising damp treatments.
    • They will help you with a professional diagnosis analyzing the height of the humidity, the intensity and the presence of salts.
    • They will give you all the necessary advise indicating the steps to follow to repair the damaged plaster.
7) Where can I buy the device?
  • Humicontrol can sell the device directly to you.
  • Just contact us at indicating your name, email, telephone, country, city and of course the radius that you need for MURSEC ECO to cover all the affected area.
  • We will guide you so that you can get the MURSEC ECO device the sooner the better.
8) How long does it take for the wall to dry?
  • When installing the MURSEC ECO device, the rising damp stops immediatly. 
  • Then the wall must dryout by itself evaporating the humidity.
  • It takes between 3 to 12 months for the wall to evaporate 80% of the excess of humidity.
9) Once the device is installed, can I paint?
  • You should wait until the wall has dried before painting with a breathable paint, but most commontly it is necessary to use a special mortar to replace the damaged plaster affecting the masonry before painting.
  • Walls affected by rising damp are also very affected by saltpeter, and paint does not resist the effect of the crystallization of salts.
  • Gypsum is a very hygroscopic material that even absorbs ambient humidity. The plaster must be removed from all the lower part of the walls.
  • We recommend repairing the plaster with DRAINING special mortar, which both allows the wall to breath and the crystallization of the salts inside the mortar.
10) What is the most suitable mortar for repairing peeling walls?
  • Right after MURSEC ECO device is installed, whithout having to wait for the wall to dry-out, you can replaster the masonry with the special microporous DRAINING mortar which accelerates the drying process and allows the crystallization of the saltpetre inside.
  • By applying the DRAINING mortar you can paint in just 15 days, without having to wait for the wall to dry.
11) How do I know that the wall is drying out?
  • Many customers notice the effect within a few days, but this method is not scientific, it is absolutely subjective.
  • You can use a traditional hygrometer, which measures surface electrical conductivity. The conductivity measurement is conditioned by the humidity and salts present in the wall. Thus, the humidity of the wall can decrease, but the salts maintain a high conductivity. Traditional hygrometers are not suitable for monitoring a drying process.
  • The right way to measure the humidity of the wall is by means of the Calcium Carbide system. The system consists of drilling holes in the masonry in order to obtain a sample of the internal material of the wall. This material is inserted in the carbide pump, where the calcium carbide is also inserted. The calcium carbide reacts with the moisture present in the sample and acetylene is produced. The pressure gauge of the carbide pump indicates the exact % humidity of the sample. This is the only system accepted at the normative level to ensure the moisture value of a wall according to UNE EN ISO 15801:2010 (Conservation of cultural heritage. Test methods. Determination of water absorption by rising damp).
  • A prefessional rising damp treatment company have these measuring instruments and all the necessary know-how to ensure that the wall remains dry.
12) What is the difference between electro-physical and wireless electro-osmosis systems?
  • The electro-physical system is indistintly called electro-osmotic wireless system. Some also call it neutralization system, or even power neutral system.
  • All these techniques are based on the same physical-chemical principle.
  • What it makes the difference among them is the accumulated know-how and experience. Humicontrol has developed the SmartPolar® system with its unique algorithm which emits the right frecuencies in order to achieve the maximum dryness in the fastest way.
  • With the polarity reversal system we have a very low power consumption of only 0.5W.
13) Why is the MURSEC ECO system the best polarity inverter on the market?
  • The MURSEC ECO system is unique thanks to the multi-frequency emission with SmartPolar® that allows to customize the signal to dry in an optimized way each of the building materials.
  • Our optimized signal is optimally transmitted by solid materials such as brick, stone, mortar, rammed earth and concrete.
  • This allows us to efficiently reach every corner of the building and to optimally and quickly dry each of the building materials.
  • Our 40 years of experience has allowed us to finetune the algorithm, and this allows us to have the most efficient and fastest drying system, no matter how heterogeneous and thick the wall is.
  • MURSEC ECO is also the only device that allows users to control it via WiFi from a cell phone or PC. A set of parameters can be selected to optimize the drying operation of the device for each individual object.
14) What is the price of MURSEC ECO devices?
  • The price might vary quite a lot country to country, but most commontly are between 2.000 and 5.000 euros depending on the surface to be treated.
  • Specialized companies usualy charges theses prices and includes the diagnose, the installation and the warranty.
  • If you only want us to supply you with the MURSEC ECO electronic-device you will easily get a much better price.
  • Just send us an email with you name, telephone, country, city and of course the radius that you need to dry-out the affected area.
15) What is the scientific basis for polarity reversal?
  • The old walls form a structure of interconnected microcapillaries, which is called open porosity.
  • Water molecules in the subsurface act as dipoles (they have a positive and a negative pole), and orient their electric charge according to the charges they find in the surraunding area.
  • The water molecules end up generating an electrostatic charge that is balanced by the creation of a curvature of the water contained in the capillary. This ends up causing the rising damp that we observe.
  • The presence of dissolved hygroscopic salts has a multiplying effect.
  • The water molecules are oriented upwards and we end up measuring a potential difference between wall and ground of 0.5 to 0.8V.
  • Electro-osmosis is defined as the movement of a liquid under the influence of an electric field through a porous wall.
  • Ultimately, the ionized water rises up the wall until it is balanced by the earth gravity force.
  • The MURSEC ECO multi-frequency system emits a very low frequency signal (VLF = Very Low Frequency) that allows to invert the polarity of the wall and prevents the rise of humidity through the poles and capillaries.
16) Is this system safe for human and animal health?
  • Any element generates an electro-magnetic field. In our case the MURSEC ECO device emits less than 30 nano-teslas, less than a fluorescent lamp. Much less than any household appliance and infinitely less than a cell phone or a WiFi network.
  • It is completely harmless to humans and animals, and is certified as such by APPLUS.
  • Our device complies with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and does not interfere with WiFis, alarms, audimeters or pacemakers.
17) In what formats is DRAINING mortar supplied?
  • When selling abroad, we focus on DRAINING CONCENTRADO:
    • DRAINING CONCENTRADO (bag 225gr): 225gr bags that you must mix with 12,5Kg of porland and 50kg of sand. The concentrated powder has been developed to provide the mortar with all the breathing and anti-salt properties.
    • The concentrated 225g format makes it ideal for minimizing transportation costs and reducing costs.
  • When selling in Spain, we have the following formats available:
    • DRAINING BLANCO (25Kg bag): White dehumidification mortar with an excellent capacity for transpiration and salt containment is obtained at the same time as a hardness that makes it particularly resistant to pathology. It can be applied by hand or spayed. Can be painted in just 15 days, always with breathable paint.
    • DRAINING CAL (25Kg bag): Dehumidification mortar based on NHL3.5 lime (without cement), pozzolans, selected aggregates and special additives. Specially designed for the restoration of monuments and historic buildings. It represents maximum respect for the original materials while allowing maximum breathability and salt absorption. It can be applied by hand or sprayed as desired.
    • DRAINING EXTRAFINO (15Kg bag): Extra thin 2mm troweled finish specially designed to finish DRAINING BLANCO and DRAINING CAL. Very similar in appearance to gypsum.
18) At what height should I apply the DRAINING mortar?
  • The dehumidifying mortar must be applied up to the height of humidity plus 50cm. To do this, the humidity of the wall must be measured with a hygrometer that allows us to know with certainty the height that the pathology has reached.
  • It is a common mistake to apply the mortar at a lower height than necessary. A prefessional  buider specialized in rising damp can bring you a lot of value in this matter as well.
19) What aspects do I have to take into account when applying DRAINING mortar?
  • Gypsum: Gypsum is an extremely hygroscopic material. It must be removed from the entire area affected by rising damp..
  • Thickness: Any dehumidifying mortar requires a minimum thickness of 2 centimeters to allow moisture evaporation and crystallization of salts. This is a key element to take into account.
  • Breathable paint: It is essential to apply a breathable paint. We recommend siloxane, silicate or pliolite paint.
  • There are many other aspects that a rising damp expert can help you with.